Cancellations and Refunds



  1. You can cancel the Order before the Order is confirmed through the Platform chat or telephone option provided..
  2. Your Order may be cancelled with or without cancellation charges if agreed by the Merchant post confirmation of the Order. We will not refund any payment already made for the order, which has been already confirmed by the Merchant. A cancellation fee will be charged on the customer with a right not to refund on the order value or which will be adjusted on future orders made by the Customer on the portal. The cancellation fee may be decided by Omly but shall not exceed the total value of the cancelled order.
  3. If there is no delivery capacity or the Items ordered are not available, you shall get a Email/SMS /notification in the App text message (SMS) or phone call or email in case the Items ordered are not available. Our liability would end by sending such notification and the other conditions under repayment/replacement/refund would follow.

    We shall have the right to cancel the order and follow the cancellationsprocess afore said on occurrence of the following.

    • when there is failure to contact you by phone or email at the time of Delivery of the Order for a reasonable period of time.
    • If the delivery location given by you at the time of order is wrong or not able to identify even after reasonable efforts by the Merchant & Event Delight Manager
  4. We shall have the right to cancel the order when there is failure to contact you by phone at the time of Delivery of the Order.



  1. You shall be entitled to a refund after deduction of charges, if any for any of the reasons given here under, only if you have made the payment at the time of placing your order on the Platform.
    1. In case your order packaging has been tampered or damaged at the time of delivery
    2. For other reasons once accepted by Omly which shall include but not limited to food spillage, foreign object in food item, stale food, wrong delivery. [You will be required to provide a proof of the same for the Omly to accept for refund]
  2. All the refunds shall be processed and shall be refunded the full amount of Item within a period of 4-6 working days in designated bank account .